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The Behaviour Guy has developed and facilitated workshops on an impressive range of topics related mental health and behaviour. Whether your needs are served by one of the workshops below or you prefer something tailored specifically to your needs we guarantee you won't be disappointed.


Professional Development Workshops

  • Understanding and Supporting Children who Struggle as a Result of Psychological Trauma

  • Relationship Building for Foster Parents

  • Understanding and Overcoming Issues Related to Attachment Struggles

  • Bringing Sanity to the Home. Understanding and Supporting Your Challenging Teen

  • Understanding and Managing Extreme Behavious

  • The Power of Choice: Sharing Control With Your Teen

  • Who’s Who in The Zoo. Understanding Behaviors Related to Mental Health Disorders

  • Teachable Moments and Praise

  • Classroom Management

  • Anti Bullying 

  • Strong Starts; Setting Your Classroom up for Success

  • Putting it All Together: Encouraging Lasting Improvements in Your Teens Behaviour

Workshops: Services
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